As thoughts of Christmas are upon us, I thought I would share some photos that I have acquired. I don’t remember some these being taken, as I was born in March before Christmas 1954.

page 13 Orleans France Nov 1944-Aug 1945 Christmas 1944 Officers Mess  a photo found in my dad’s photographs he took during World War II – taken in Orleans, France

1954 Christmas Bryan family - Bob Rebecca Betsy holding Mar  a photo of my family before my younger sister was born – that is my mom and dad and older sister with me as a baby

1954 Christmas lt to rt John Rodman Jr and Elizabeth holding  a photo taken about the same time as the one above – my grandparents, John and Elizabeth Bradshaw, are in the photo as is my uncle (my mom’s brother) – I am being held by “Muno”- I do not know who “Gangy” is holding, but it is probably my cousin who was born in August 1954 – my older sister is also in the photo

1960 probably Christmas front  a photo of a Christmas get-together at the home of my grandparents, John and Elizabeth Bradshaw – I am the second youngster on the left side, my father being behind me

Feb 83 Bradshaw and Champion families 009 a photo taken Christmas 1982 – you can see me, very pregnant, in the back row


Make sure and take plenty of photos this Christmas so that others will be able to share the memories in years to come.



I celebrate Christmas. I continue to celebrate Christmas until Epiphany – January 6.

As I was putting up my tree and hanging ornaments, and as I was taking down my tree and packing away ornaments, many memories came to mind. I remembered when I was given an ornament, who gave it to me, who made it for me, etc.

It is important for those memories not to be forgotten. For years, when I have received an ornament, I have added it to my list. I record who gave/made it for me, and usually a little tidbit concerning the gift – was there a special reason for giving me THAT SPECIFIC ornament?

By keeping a list of my ornaments, others will one day be able to know why certain ones were so important to me.

Something to think about.


Once again, I have been sifting through copies which I made about 10 years ago. And, what I have discovered is that the paper copy image is fading. Most of the copies were printed on my home printer, but some were made on copy machines at the library or courthouse. It doesn’t seem to matter – the image is fading.

I am so glad that when I made a copy of an important family photo or document, I also saved it digitally on my computer, on my external hard drive, and a CD. So, now even though I have fading images, I can make new ones from my digital copy.

Something to think about.


Recently, I was given an afghan. Now, this afghan was probably crocheted in the 1940’s – granny square, black edging, multicolored squares outlined in black. What was special was that this afghan was made by my great-grandmother, the woman after whom I was named.

This great-grandmother was born in Oldham County, Kentucky. She moved with her husband and children to Delray, Florida, in 1912. She and her husband had a “motel” there – many stayed in their Kentucky House and it was quite successful. Then, when the stock market crashed, she and her husband lost everything.

One of great-grandmother’s children (my great-aunt) aided in the raising of a young girl. This great-aunt never legally adopted the girl, but the girl was considered a member of the family. She has always been my “cousin.” This cousin, her husband and family, eventually moved to Indiana. Cousin had been given the afghan by her “grandmother” when cousin was young. And, the afghan was recently given to me.


If you have not found a death certificate for your ancestor, and they died within the time frame of available records, maybe they died in a different county than they lived.

My great-grandmother, Margaret Rodman McGhee Bradshaw, resided in Delray Beach, Florida. She died while visiting her son in Stanford, Kentucky. Her death certificate will not be in Palm Beach County, Florida, but in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

So, if you can’t find the record where your ancestor lived, look at the places where the children lived. You may find it there!


Have you been to this website? If you have ancestors that resided in Florida, you may find some information about them here.

This website is sponsored by the Division of Library & Information Services in Florida.

I searched for my ancestor, in all of the collections, and a photo postcard of the “hotel” he ran came up in the hits. The postcard is from the Florida Photographic Collection.

You should try it – you may find something interesting!


Have you ever used the Family Search Catalog?  Sometimes great finds are there?

Go to, and click on Catalog.  Then, type in the place name in which you are interested.

Recently, I was trying to find a will of an ancestor.   I typed “Kentucky, Oldham” in the place name space.  When the catalog of items for Oldham County appeared, one of the items was “Kentucky, Oldham – Probate records (2).”  I clicked on it, and “Will books, 1824-1917” was one of the items that appeared.  And, the item was available online!  I found my ancestor’s will and probate record!  What a find!

Not all of the items in Catalog are available online, but it is certainly worth the time to check and see!