Recently, I was given a family heirloom.  It is an afghan that was made by my great-grandmother.

I have labeled the afghan with a sew-on label that identifies the maker of the afghan.  When there comes a time when I can no longer “say” who made the afghan, others will know who made it.










My grandparents, John and Elizabeth Bradshaw, managed a hotel in Kentucky – Loraine Mineral Wells Hotel in Campbellsville, KY.  John managed the hotel from May-September 1927.

I have a copy of the ledger from the hotel.  In this ledger, there are many names of the guests who stayed at the hotel.

Your family may have stayed at this type of establishment during this time period.  Take a look at the hotels that were close to them – they may have gone to the hotel for the mineral wells or springs at the hotel.  Check to see if there is a ledger of the hotel.  You may find the name of someone in your family.


Lorain Wells ledger

Thanks to Julia, my mother’s sister, I know that these are the Bradshaw children:  from left, John Rodman, Julia Corrine, Dwight Moody, and in front from left are Lillian Lyter and Martha Lucille.  John Rodman is my grandfather.



Not sure who Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Read are.  Julia is probably Julia Bradshaw before she married.  The “me” in the photograph I am thinking is Margaret McGhee Bradshaw, the mother of Julia.  Julia was the sister of my grandfather, John Rodman Bradshaw.



I am going through some of my family’s collection of photos, etc., and found this.  I sure do wish that I knew who these children are.  I am thinking that Lillian may be one of the children in the other photo.  Lillian is my great-aunt – Lillian Lyter Bradshaw – John Bradshaw’s (my grandfather) sister.



When I receive a new-to-me photograph, I scan both the front and the back of the photograph.


Many times, there is identifying information written on the reverse side.  By scanning, both the information and the handwriting of the “recorder” are both preserved.

probably John Bradshaw waterskiing back probably John Bradshaw waterskiing front


This photograph is especially touching to me as this is a photo of my grandfather.  For many years, my mother’s family – all of us along with her parents and her brother’s and sister’s families, met in South Carolina for the 4th of July.


My maternal grandparents were known to me as “Muno” and “Gangy” – these were the names given to them by two of the grandchildren when attempting to say “Mother” and “Daddy”.

When labeling photographs, I have been labeling both the nickname and the real name of my grandparents. When recording a marriage date or any other pertinent information, I have included in the notes section their nicknames. I have also recorded a story which explains the nicknames! There are stories and diaries and other things that use their nicknames, and others may not know who they really were! And, besides, having the story of the nicknames will be important for the following generations!