On the Champion branch:

Vance Harold Champion was married to Alberna Marie Bringe.  They had children Living (married Bryan), Living, and Douglas Vance.

Vance Harold was the son of Lloyd Eugene Champion and Hazel Corrine Holland.  He had siblings Margaret, Elsie, Living.  Hazel Corrine Holland was the daughter of Charles F. Holland and Cora Adella Hassan, with siblings Vance and Vera Mae.

Lloyd Eugene was the son of Llewellyn Earl Champion and Martha Melissa Mizer.  Llewellyn Earl Champion also married Mildred Stanley Richardson.  Martha Melissa Mizer also married William Harmon (children Helen G., Goldie, Mary Delilah, Stella Isabell).   Martha Melissa Mizer was the daughter of Jacob Sidney Mizer and Delilah Schrock, with siblings Samuel, John Henry, Mary Luella, Julia Ann, Romeo D., William Andrew, Rosy Leita, Alfred Loronso, Alice May, Elsie E., and Lelia M.

Llewellyn Earl was the son of Abram Jewett Champion and Harriet Stanley Tennant.  He had siblings Ralph Waldo, Jewett, Arthur, and Merrill Monroe.  Abram Jewett Champion also married Lanah Maria Miller (children Francena Lanah, Adelia Jewett, Lavinia Alcesta, William John, Kendrick Abram, LaClaire Smith, and Maywell).  Harriet Stanley Tennant was the daughter of Alfred Augustus Tennant and Fanny Louisa Wheeler, with siblings Augustine, Francis Augustus, and Olive Sarah.

Abram Jewett was the son of John Marvin Champion and Lucy Selden Tennant.  He had siblings Eliza Ann, Moses Tennant, John Harris, Lucyette, Caroline, Esther, Dan Nelson, Caroline Marvin, and Ruth Ann.  Lucy Selden Tennant was the daughter of Rev. Moses Tennant and Sarah Selden Jewett Baker Shaw, with siblings Olivia, Moses Asel, and Esther.  Rev Moses Tennant was also married to Betsy Welch (children Rev. David, Selden, Betsy Elizabeth, and Polly.  Sarah Selden Jewett Baker Shaw was also married to Isaac Shaw (child Deborah), Nathaniel Baker (child Sarah), and Daniel Morse.

John Marvin was the son of Dan Champion and Ruth Harris.  He had siblings Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ruth, Dan, Deacon David, Elijah, Elisha, Joel, Ezra, Abraham, Wealthy, and Lydia.

Dan was the son of Ezra Champion and Mary Bumpus.  He had siblings Hannah, Stephen, Reuben, Thankful, Ezra, Lydia, Deacon John, Polly, and Joshua.  Mary Bumpus also married  Roael Roland Rowland.  Mary Bumpus was the daughter of  Josiah Bumpas and Hannah Bumpas (2nd cousins), with siblings Thankful, Patience, Sarah, Josiah Jr, Reuben, and Isaac.

Ezra was the son of Joshua Champion and Mary Mott.  He had siblings Mary, Hannah, Joshua, Samuel, Susanna, and Phebe.  Joshua Champion also married Sarah Griffin (children Sarah, Jasper, Ruth, and Samuel).  Mary Mott also married Ambrose Niles.  Mary Mott was the daughter of Samuel Mott and Mary Brockway.

Joshua was the son of Henry Champion, 2nd, and Susanna DeWolf.  He had siblings Henry, Susanna, Samuel, Alice, Rachel, Abigail, Stephen, and Mary.  Henry Champion, 2nd, also married Deborah Crane.  Susanna DeWolf also married John Huntley (children John Jr and Mary).  Susanna DeWolf was the daughter of immigrant Balthazar DeWolf and Alice, with siblings Mary, Joseph, Edward, Simon, Stephen, Mary Marah, Hannah, Alice, and Unknown daughter.

Henry 2nd was the son of immigrant Henry Champion and immigrant Sarah Bennett.  He had siblings Sarah, Mary, Thomas, Fenner, Rachel, Stephen, and Rachel.  Henry Champion also married Deborah Palmer Jones.

Henry was the son of Henry Champion and Mary.