On the Pettus branch:

Betsy Pettus Bradshaw was married to Robert Charles Bryan.

Betsy Pettus Bradshaw was the daughter of Elizabeth Rebecca Pettus and John Rodman Bradshaw.  Siblings were Living (married Young), and Living (Bradshaw).

Elizabeth Rebecca was the daughter of Joseph Franklin Pettus and Margaret Royston McCarley.  She had siblings Joseph Newland and John Irvin.  Margaret Royston McCarley was the daughter of James Lytle McCarley and Elizabeth T Schooler, with sibling Nannie Nancy.

Joseph Franklin was the son of John Franklin Pettus and Rebecca Howard Newland.  He had siblings Sara Sally Ann, Mary Elizabeth Lizzie, Lucy, John Steven, Margaret Alice Allie, William H, Emma Rinda, Ambrose Dudley, Virginia Victoria, Waller C, and Richard Graves.  Rebecca Howard Newland was the daughter of  Abraham Hoy Newland and Sally D Jones, with siblings Celia Jane and 7 other Unknowns.

John Franklin was the son of Richard Graves Pettus and Nancy Adams.  He had siblings Judge William Hart, Dr Joseph D, and Margaret A.  Nancy Adams was the daughter of Daniel Adams and Lydia Williams, with siblings John W, Chloe, Walter and Daniel.

Richard Graves was the son of Joseph Franklin Pettus and Lucy Graves.  He had siblings Joseph, William H, James O, Virginia, Nancy, Barbara, and Margaret Ann.  Lucy Graves was the daughter of Rice Graves and Jane Young, with siblings William, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Richard, Susanna, Mary, Catherine Kate, and Nancy.

Joseph Franklin was the son of  Col William Pettus and Suzanne Graves.  He had siblings Ann P, Barbara, William,  Susanna, Louisa, Overton Hart, James, and Nancy.  Suzanne Graves was the daughter of Thomas Graves and Sarah Ann Davenport, with siblings Suzanne, Thomas Jr, Solomon, William, Richard, David, Nancy, Eleanor, Louisa, Robert, Jonathan, Mary, John, and Rosanna.  Thomas Graves also married Mary Perkins (children daughter1, daughter2, and John).

Col William was the son of John Dabney Pettus and Elizabeth Ann Overton.  Elizabeth Ann Overton was the daughter of Samuel Overton and Mary Carr, with siblings Samuel Jr, John, James, William, and girl unknown.

John Dabney was the son of Capt Thomas Pettus and Mary Elizabeth Dabney.  He had siblings Stephen, Elizabeth, and Dabney.  Capt Thomas Pettus also married Mourning Glenn (child John Dabney).

Capt Thomas was the son of immigrant Col Thomas Pettus and Elizabeth Mouring Durrant.  He had siblings Stephen, John, Mary, and Ann.  Elizabeth Mouring also married Richard Durant.

Col Thomas was the son of William Pettus and Mary Gleane.  He had siblings Theodore and George.

William was the son of Sir Thomas Pettus and Cecily King.  He had siblings Anne, Sir John, Edward, Henry, Susan, Elizabeth, George, Frances, Mary, Theodore, Christian, Robert, Anne, and Henry. Cecily King was the daughter of Esq William King.

Sir Thomas was the son of Thomas Pettus and Christine Dethicks.  He had siblings Cecily, Anne, Elizabeth, Sir John, William, Alexander, and Isabelle.  Christine Dethicks was the daughter of Simon Dethick.

Thomas was the son of John Pettus and Jone.  He had siblings Jone and Anne.  John Pettus also married Cicely Capon, and Rose Beatrice Duckett (child Christine Dethicks, who was wife of Thomas Pettus).

John was son of Thomas Pettus and Unknown.