On the Lyon Branch:

Robert Charles Bryan was married to Betsy Pettus Bradshaw.

Robert Charles Bryan was the son of Frances Ruth Lyon and William Bell Bryan.  Siblings were William Bell Jr. and Living.  William Bell Bryan was the son of James Benjamin “Ben” Bryan and Bettie McCormack with sibling Robert Earl.

Frances Ruth was the daughter of Charles Stanley Lyon and Jennie Cordelia Babcock.  Siblings were Olive Cordelia, May Belle, Edith Josephine, Charles Seth, Living, and Infant.    Jennie Cordelia Babcock was the daughter of Orlow Babcock and Phenie Cordelia Jones, with siblings Martin Boris and Albert J.

Charles Stanley was the son of Daniel C Lyon and Martha Elizabeth Sage.  Siblings were Hattie Belle, Frank, George B, Isabel, Mary Ellen, Seth Edward, and Mary Frances.  Daniel C Lyon also married Emma E.  Martha Elizabeth Sage was the daughter of Jared Sage and Olive Heaton Clark, with siblings Augustine Clark, Mary Antoinette, Ellen Frances,  Candace A, and James William.  Jared Sage also married Elizabeth Parsons (child James W).

Daniel C was the son of Seth Lyon, Jr, and Samantha Ballard.  Siblings were Frances, Caroline, and Myra. Seth Lyon, Jr, also married Hepsibah Johnson (children Seth L, Hepsibah, Stanley, Sophia, and Harriet).   Samantha Ballard was the daughter of Benjamin Ballard and Sarah Spooner, with siblings Sally, Horace, and Benjamin.

Seth Jr was the son of Seth Lyon and Sophia Stanley.  Siblings were Patty, Dorcas, Sophia, Joel, Lydia, and Freeman.

Seth was the son of Simeon Lyon and Martha Bronson.  Siblings were Alanson, Oliver, Simeon,  Jonathan, Justus, and Joshua.  Martha Bronson was the daughter of Isaac Bronson, Jr, and Abigail King, with siblings Isaac, Hosea, Boriah,  Oliver, Simeon, and Josiah.

Simeon was the son of Jonathan Lyon and Elizabeth Sabin.  Siblings were Alanson, Oliver, Jonathon W, Joshua, Elizabeth, Abiel, Abiel, Phinehas, Seth, Sarah, and Dorcas.  Jonathan Lyon also married Rebecca Moseley (son Asa).  Elizabeth Sabin was the daughter of Nehemiah Sabin and Elizabeth Boyden.

Jonathan was the son of Abiel Lyon and Judith Ferrington.  Siblings were Abiel, Abigail, Experience, Judith, Mary, Obadiah, Pelatiah, Peter, and Samuel.  Abiel Lyon also married Wife 2 and Wife 3.  Judith Ferrington was the daughter of John Farringdon and Mary Janes, with siblings John, Mary, Joseph, Barnod, Samuel, and Mehitable.

Abiel was the son of Samuel Lyon and Deliverance.  Siblings were Ebenezer, Henry, Johanna, Margaret, Samuel, Sarah, and Abil.  Samuel Lyon also married Sarah Grant.

Samuel was the son of immigrant William Lyon and immigrant Sarah Ruggles.  Siblings were George, John, Thomas, William, Joseph John, Sarah, Jonathan, and Jonathan.  William Lyon also married Martha Philbrick (Martha Philbrick also married John Cass).   Sarah Ruggles was the daughter of immigrant Thomas Ruggles and immigrant Mary Curtis, with siblings  Thomas, Mary, John, and Samuel.

William was the son of William Lyon and Anne Carter.  Siblings were Katherine, John, John, and Henry.

William was possibly the son of William Lyon and Isabell Wightman.  Siblings were John, Isabelle, Audrey,  Thomas, and Robert.