On the Bryan Branch:

Robert Charles Bryan was married to Betsy Pettus Bradshaw.

Robert Charles was the son of William Bell Bryan and Frances Ruth Lyon.  Siblings were William Bell Jr. and Living.  Frances Ruth Lyon was the daughter of Charles Stanley Lyon and Jennie Cordelia Babcock, with siblings Olive Cordelia, May Belle, Edith Josephine,  Charles Seth, Living, and Infant.

William Bell was the son of James Benjamin Bryan and Bettie McCormack.  Sibling was Robert Earl.  Bettie McCormack was the daughter of William Craig McCormack and Sarah Jane Miller, with siblings Josephine, George Miller, Hettie Logan, Augustus, William Miller, Patti Rose, James Miller,  Mary, Sallie, and Lilly May.

James Benjamin was the son of James Creary Bryan and Mary Bell Dawson.  Siblings were Elizabeth M and John Logan.  Mary Bell Dawson was the daughter of John Logan Dawson and Mary Ann Swope, with siblings David Benedict, James J, and Sarah A, Susan Margaret, John L Jr, Elijah Hardin, Robert S, Matthew, Louis Lynn, Robert Franklin, Zola, John, Iota, William Matthew, and Alice.

James Creary was the son of William H Bryan and Elizabeth (Betsy) Petty Clark.  Siblings were William R, John David, Reuben T, Sallie M, Shelton, and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Petty Clark was the daughter of Reuben Clark and Elizabeth “Lizey” Petty, with siblings Mary F, George Ann, and Martha Jane.

William H was the son of David Bryan and Unknown.

David was the son of Unknown Bryan and Unknown.

Unknown was the son of John Bryan and Margaret Lovell.  Siblings were Elizabeth, William, Lovell, John Pendleton,  Sarah, James, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary, and Margaret.  Margaret Lovell was the daughter of John Lovell and Elizabeth. (Elizabeth also married William Harrison.)

John was the son of John Bryan and Sarah James.