My name is Maggie Champion, and I am the sole proprietor of Maggie’s Genealogy Service.  I am a Professional Genealogist, and, as a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I abide by the association’s Code of Ethics.  I am a member of the Indiana Genealogical Society (Putnam County Genealogist) and the Daughters of the American Revolution National Society.

Since 2005, I have been researching families – hoping to find a way through brick walls, and also, hoping to find “new” families, for my many  clients.  Please see my Contract for more information.

Through local adult education, I have instructed potential family researchers in Beginning Genealogy, and in genealogy-related activities, such as how to research a surname.  I have written seven books, each on a different family, and have written one book on the WWII military career of a Marine.

My ancestors come from many places (to name a few) – Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, England, and France.  And, my husband’s ancestors come from Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, England, and Germany.

Please feel free to contact me at