Maggie’s Genealogy Service

Connecting the “Roots” and “Leaves” of Your Family Tree

Maggie Champion

PO Box 843   Greencastle IN  46135

(765) 719-3401





Phone:____________________               E-Mail:_____________________________________

I agree to pay Maggie Champion, Genealogist (herein called “Genealogist”), for genealogical services to be performed on my behalf at the rate of $35 per hour. The hourly fee should be applied as follows: review of client’s existing information (all previous research bearing on the research goal must be provided prior to the start of the project), development of a research plan which is confirmed by client (a specific research goal must be defined prior to research), actual conduct of the planned research, review of all new material for accuracy and consistency, an evaluation of client’s research objectives in terms of new information, and preparation of a detailed report (will include information detailing negative searches).

I am enclosing a retainer fee of three hundred fifty (350) dollars. This retainer includes up to ten (10) hours of time before an hourly fee of thirty-five (35) dollars is charged. The retainer will be used to evaluate previous research and organize a research plan to address my specific research problem. Any funds not used toward evaluating my current information and creating a plan will be applied to further work as outlined above. Payment will either be by PayPal (, check, or money order. The retainer fee is to be paid in full at time of contract. Additionally, I am enclosing the provided Information Form, on which I am listing any information I have already obtained in an effort to minimize duplication of research. All fees for returned checks will be paid by me.

Client shall also reimburse Genealogist for the actual costs of photocopies, photographs, microfilm rental fees, postage, parking fees, and other necessary out-of-pocket expenses, provided Genealogist submits an itemized bill, and provided that the total of expenses do not exceed $25.  If Genealogist anticipates that expenses may exceed this $25 maximum, she shall notify Client in writing and obtain his/her agreement, also in writing, to the reimbursement of additional expenses.  Mileage outside of a 5-mile radius of Greencastle, Indiana, is charged to the Client at the rate authorized by the IRS.

I am returning the following three (3) items to Genealogist: signed Contract, signed Information Form, and Retainer Fee. Upon receiving all items, Genealogist will begin research as outlined above.

Genealogist will perform this work as an independent contractor in accordance with prevailing professional standards in genealogy, including the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Certification of Genealogists, and the Standards recommended by the National Genealogical Society.

I understand that Genealogist shall hold Client’s name, address, telephone number, and other identifying information about Client in confidence, unless Client authorizes their release in writing.  Genealogist shall also accord confidentiality to all material furnished by Client which contains (a) information that is not a matter of public record or which cannot be rightfully obtained from another non-confidential source; (b) information that no one else has independently developed; and (c) information that Client has not disclosed to anyone else except under a strict, written, confidentiality agreement that has the effect of preventing disclosure by any other person or entity.  Client understands that even though Genealogist may agree to keep certain information confidential, a court can compel Genealogist to disclose that information.

Client agrees that if there is distribution or publication of any information taken from Genealogist’s report, that information will be reported accurately and Client will credit Genealogist’s report as the source.  Genealogist retains the copyright to the report and the manner in which she has expressed the information in it.  Client may make a limited number of personal copies as a “fair use” of the copyrighted report, but Client agrees that the report will not otherwise be published, or multiple copies made, without written permission from Genealogist.

I understand that Genealogist may not be able to solve my genealogical problem(s) since the availability of information varies from county to county as well as from individual to individual.

Any dispute over the terms of this agreement that cannot be resolved by Genealogist and Client will be submitted to binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association.


Client Signature


Effective Date of Contract


Information Form (signed and returned with Contract)

Maggie’s Genealogy Service

Connecting the “Roots” and “Leaves” of Your Family Tree

Maggie Champion

PO Box 843   Greencastle IN  46135

 (765) 719-3401

Information Form



Type of Research I would like to have done:__________________________________________



I would like information about…

(Please be as specific as possible)

Other information and sources I have already searched:

(Please add additional sheets if needed.  Do not send original documents, only copies.)


Client Signature

(Returned to Genealogist with Contract)


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