For the month of September, hubby and I made an extended trip to the Northeast United States.  As you know, I reside in Indiana. So, the trip was quite lengthy! Since we were traveling through New York, we stopped at five family burial grounds.  One of these was for the Champion family, and four concerned the Lyon family.

The cemetery we visited in Starkville, NY, was the Champion Cemetery. The cemetery was located in a field behind the volunteer fire department building. There were some familiar names on gravestones, and also some not so familiar.

In my previous posts, I have told of examining various wills and land records.

I have found several maps of the time period of the Champion family in Stark, Herkimer County.  Here is a map of Starkville in 1859 (from  If one labels the roads in the map it is much easier to understand it.  The main road heading a little left of due south is the current Wagner Hill Road.  The road to the left of this road is the current Route 80, and the road to the right of Wagner Hill is the current Elwood Road.

These two maps are of Starkville in 1868 (from  The main road heading a little left of due south is the current Wagner Hill Road, and the road to the left of this is the current Route 80.  On one of the maps is the labeled “Fam Cem.”.  This is the Champion Cemetery.

You will see some of the same names on both maps.

In the United States Census for 1860, Elisha Champion (son of Dan and Ruth) was an Innkeeper.  The value of his land was $4000 (as compared with $1200 in 1850 and $500 in 1870 – in both 1850 and 1870 he is listed as Farmer).

Having these two maps will aid in learning through land records who may have owned the land where the cemetery was located.

Now to look at more land records!