Have you written your genealogy down?  It is important to record what you have.

A number of years ago, I took a break from “researching” and began organizing all of the information.  I decided to put the information in book form – and did this by using a loose-leaf binder.

I lost count years ago as to how many relatives, and potential relatives, were so glad that I shared the information.  And, they were so pleased that I put the information in a loose-leaf binder!

Last year, I was visiting an older distant cousin – she did not request a book from me initially, but her daughter did.  And, I found the book at this cousin’s house in her living room.  She had the book there, with “other pages” interspersed with my pages!  As her daughter discovered more information about “their” family, the information was added to my book.  It was wonderful for me to see my book being read, and used, by the family!