For the month of September, hubby and I made an extended trip to the Northeast United States.  As you know, I reside in Indiana. So, the trip was quite lengthy!

Since we were traveling through New York, we stopped at five family burial grounds.  One of these was for the Champion family, and four concerned the Lyon family.

The cemetery we visited in Starkville, NY, was the Champion Cemetery.

The cemetery was located in a field behind the volunteer fire department building.  Here is one photograph of the cemetery.

At this time, I am creating a map of the cemetery.  I am using Excel for this, placing each gravestone in its own cell.  I will post when the map is complete.

For the process of creating the map, I am also using the photographs that hubby and I took.  Each of us had a camera, and each of us took different views of stones and also of the entire cemetery.  I am also using information found a

Hopefully, I will have the map finished within a short time.