Since I have researched much on this Wolter family, and I feel a little confused about what information I have, I think it is time to do a re-start on the research.

For this post, I will continue the look at Katherine.

Now known is that Kathryn was born 12 November 1896 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, to John Wolter (born Greifswald Pomerania Germany) and Martha Bringe (born Greifswald Pomerania Germany).  We know that Kathryn and Elvert L. McCormick married 13 September 1925 in Chicago, IL.  They planned to reside at Reviera Court, 757 High Street, Newark, NJ, after 1 November 1925, and then resided at 2695 Hudson Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ, after that. We know that Elbert and Kathryn McCormick were residing in North Bergen, Hudson Co., New Jersey, in the 1930 census, and in Oak Park, Cook Co., Illinois, in the 1940 census.

Searching for 757 High Street, Newark, NJ, using, showed that today this location is 757 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.  It is a vacant lot.  However, when searching for the High Street location in a search engine, I was able to find this photograph:

“American Elm, 757 High Street – 1865;” Shade Tree Commission of the City of Newark, New Jersey 1915; Coppermine Gallery ( : accessed 3 August 2018).








Quite a nice-looking place!

According to the 1923 City Directory for Newark, NJ, there were four families residing at the address.  The address was most likely an apartment building.

Searching for 2695 Hudson Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ, showed that today this location is 2695 John F. Kennedy Boulevard.  This is an apartment building.  With further research, I was able to find a map from 1928 of Jersey City, NJ.  The name of the apartments located at 2695 Hudson Boulevard was Netherland Apartments.

More in my next post.