Some of you may have been following my blog for quite some time.  So, for you, this may be a repeat.

My husband inherited a trunk from his parents.  He knew ahead of time that this trunk had belonged to his grandfather, Albert Bringe.

When hubby acquired the trunk, we thought it was strange that it had the initials, C. F. B., painted on the side of the trunk.  We were even more curious when we opened the trunk and discovered that there was a label on the inside of the lid.




So, if Albert Bringe owned the trunk, why were the initials C.F.B. on the trunk, and how did Albert get the trunk from Los Angeles to northern Ohio?  As some of you know, Albert Bringe did go west as far as Oklahoma, but not all of the way to California.

Further investigation found that Charles F. Bringe [known as Carl], brother of Albert, was listed in the 1900 U.S. Census as residing in Paso Precinct of Kern County, California.  He was a boarder in the household of George Flasher, and Charles was a tool dresser in the oil wells.

So, Charles, brother of Albert, was the original owner of the trunk.