My direct ancestor is Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole.  She was adopted by Daniel and Tryphenie Jones Burroughs when she was but an infant.  For a long time, I knew who her siblings were.  However, I had not researched them.

Then, I decided to begin that research.

Her brother was Asahel Cole.  He was very active in politics.  And, he supposedly lived in Wellsville, NY, where “Cordelia” lived with her daughter and son-in-law.

A newspaper article in The Buffalo (New York) Express (dated 16 July 1889) gave quite a bit of information about Asahel.

The article is an obituary for Asahel.

According to the obituary, Asahel died in Wellsville 15 July 1889, as his residence known as “Home-on-the-Hillside”.  His full name was Asahel Nichols Cole, and he was born in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York.  Along with this information, the obituary gives information on his father and mother (and their ancestors).  And, much more information is given as well!

What a find!