Since I have researched much on this Wolter family, and I feel a little confused about what information I have, I think it is time to do a re-start on the research.

Now is known who was Miss Charlotte Wolter, who resided at 2125 S. 40th Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of John and Martha Wolter, immigrants from Germany.  We know that John at one time resided at this address, and it is known where the Wolter family resided for the census years 1900-1940.

In my last post I posted the first of two letters that I had found.

The second letter shows possible relationship between the Bringe family and the Wolter family.









As you can see, the letter was written by Esther, at 2004 Calumet Ave., Toledo, Ohio. (This is where Esther Rahe, daughter of Anna Maria Bringe Rahe (sister of Albert Bringe) resided in 1935.)  The letter is addressed to Mr. Albert Bringe, R.F.D., Martin, Ohio.  And, the letter is dated 2 March 1935 (postmarked 4 March 1935, Toledo, Ohio).  In the letter, Esther is writing to Uncle Albert and Aunt Sophia about the telegram she had received the previous evening.  The telegram was from Lottie (Charlotte) Wolter, notifying her that Martha Wolter had died the previous Thursday.  (If you recall, in a previous post, I posted how Martha had died 28 February 1935 in Chicago, Illinois.)  In the letter, Esther writes about how her mother (Anna Maria Bringe Rahe) would have attended the funeral except for her bad health.  And, also mentioned in the letter is, “If Uncle Fred had been living he surely would go.”  Uncle Fred would have been Fred Bringe, the brother of both Anna Maria and Albert.  Fred had died in 1933.







So, the two letters confirm a family relationship between the Wolter family and the Albert Bringe family.

In my next post, more about their relationship.