Since I have researched much on this Wolter family, and I feel a little confused about what information I have, I think it is time to do a re-start on the research.

In my previous post, I began looking at Charlotte Wolter – the person who first piqued my interest.

We have determined that Charlotte resided in Chicago at least until the time of the 1940 U.S. Census.  And, she may have married John Wagener in Chicago, IL, 12 August 1913.  Charlotte died in Correctionville, Iowa, and was buried in the Correctionville Cemetery.  According to the gravestone, she was the sister of Mrs. E. L. McCormick.

Searching on the website,, found that the book, The History of Woodbury County, Iowa, was available.  The book was compiled by the Woodbury County Genealogical Society, having been published in 1984.  A search of the book resulted in no mentions of Charlotte, or the E. L. McCormick family.

In my next post of the family, it seems like it will be wise to look at Kathryn Wolter, who married McCormick.