February 2018

Since I have researched much on this family, and I feel a little confused about what information I have, I think it is time to do a re-start on the research.

First, I am looking at the “why” – why is this family important to research?

When looking through the diaries of Albert Henry Bringe, the grandfather of my husband, I found a name and address written on a page of the 1905 diary.  Since I am trying to determine other possible family members of Albert, it is important to know whether this person is family or friend.  After all, already discovered in the same diary is that Albert was traveling in 1905 – one page in the diary shows that Albert left Martin, Ohio, on 10 February 1905, left Cleveland, Oklahoma Territory, on 4 April 1905, and left Martin, Ohio, on April 13 1905.



So, who was Miss Charlotte Wolter, who resided at 2125 S. 40th Avenue in Chicago, Illinois?

More in my next post.


This photo was found in a stack of photographs.  The caption on the back of the photo reads:  “Grandpas cake 2 June 1958 75 years old”.











So, whose cake is this?  Who was born on 2 June 1883/84/82 – 1958 – 75 = 1883/84/82.

Since I have all of my family tree in FTM, I used the “Find Individual” tool.  I chose the Birth category, and put in the year 1883 (would enter 1884 or 1882 if need be on next search).

The name Albert Henry Bringe was in the results – entered into FTM as birth date 2 June 1883.

Now I know who “Grandpa” was!



You have just found the grave site of your ancestor at findagrave.com!  Wow!

Along with the photo of the gravestone, there is much information – information that is NOT on the gravestone.

From where did this information come?  Is permission given for saving the photograph?

Contact the person or persons who contributed the information and photo.  They can tell you from where they got the information, and they can give permission for you to print out the photograph.



Do you need to re-start the research on an ancestor?

Sometimes, when “stuck”, if you go back to the beginning and research anew, you may find things that you missed the first time.

I am preparing to do a re-start on a family.  I will be posting updates here in my blog.


You may have seen this notation in a transcription.  Do you know what it means?

[sic] is used after a copied or quoted word that may appear odd or erroneous – it is used to show that the word is quoted exactly as it was in the original.


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