January 2018

Have you backed up all of your data?

Make sure that you have multiple backups made of your data.  I have backups made automatically with Carbonite.  Plus, I have three external hard drives – one for all of my files, and two for certain types of files (such as family photos and genealogy files). It doesn’t really matter which service is used.  What does matter is that the backups are made.

Back up those files!



Over the Christmas season, did you scan a lot of photographs?

From the other blogs I have been reading, it seems that many, many scans were made of photographs. And, since there were family gatherings during the season, many “scanners” took the opportunity to show the scanned photos to other family members.  The goal was to be certain that the identity of those in the photographs was made, and made correctly.

I am sure that many of you have seen photographs in antique stores – many photos, yet most without the identity of those shown in the  photo.

Make sure that you have those in photos identified, and identified correctly.


A draft registration record does not mean that the person was on active duty.

When an ancestor was of the age that he/she was required to register for the draft, that is what he/she did. This person is called a registrant.

However, just because this person registered does not mean that the person was on active duty.

So, if you find the draft registration, do not assume that the person served actively.