Do you know what a delayed birth certificate is?

According to,

“Beginning in the mid-twentieth century many people who didn’t have birth certificates (because they were born prior to record-keeping or born outside a hospital) applied for delayed birth certificates. After the Social Security Act was passed in 1936, people needed proof of their birth when they submitted their Social Security account application. Many of the applicants were born before vital records were kept, so they had no birth certificate. As a result, they applied for delayed birth certificates. These certificates were also issued so the individual could apply for another form of identification, such as a passport or to enlist in the military.”

So, if your ancestor was born before a birth certificate was required, look for a delayed birth certificate. This would have been kept in the same location as the original certificate would have been kept.

In Putnam County, Indiana, there is a book in the County Clerk’s office that contains the delayed birth certificates for the county. What a find to someone searching for their ancestor’s birth record!