In 2016, I had the opportunity to travel with my cousin to the ancestral home of our great-great-grandparents in the state of New York. And, THEIR parents had homes there also, as well as many other relatives.

We spent about 10 days touring the area, hoping to discover new information on all of them!

In preparation for our trip, I made maps of the areas where the ancestors lived – they lived in a few different neighboring counties. On the maps, I recorded what was already known – probable residences, schools – any other geographic information that was already “known”.

As we traveled from historical society to historical society, we gathered more maps of the area – these maps also “placed” our ancestors in the area.

By already having the “prep” maps, we were able to travel to areas that we knew were important in our ancestors’ lives. And, the additional maps were quite helpful, too, while learning more about these important people in our lives.