Recently, I have been reading the book, “Among English Hedgerows”, by Clifton Johnson. (

I admit that I would probably not have thought to read this book had it not been on the CLSC (Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle) Book List (from 1914-1915).

However, am I so glad that I found it!

This book was published in 1899, and it is a “travel book” of sorts – it has wonderful photos that accompany the tour notes of a visit to England by an American gentleman.

Throughout the book, one learns “the way of life” of various English villages and cities during this time period.

Some of my ancestors resided in England before coming to the United States.  I have read other accounts of life in England, but never one that even talks about the villages of the Pilgrims, and particularly about William Brewster (my ancestor).

I myself have enjoyed, and learned, much while reading this book.  I highly recommend it to those who have English ancestors.