February 2017

Do you keep a diary?

Remember how exciting it was for you to find the diary of your great-grandmother?  Someday, it will be just as exciting for your great-grandchild to find YOUR diary!



Recently, I was given a family heirloom.  It is an afghan that was made by my great-grandmother.

I have labeled the afghan with a sew-on label that identifies the maker of the afghan.  When there comes a time when I can no longer “say” who made the afghan, others will know who made it.









When creating a post, or explaining something to someone, make sure that you include all of the information that is relevant to the information being requested.

If you are asking about a land deed, include any information you already have on the time frame in which your ancestor lived in the area.  This may include when you think your ancestor arrived in the area, when your ancestor may have left the area (either by moving or by death), the name of the spouse of your ancestor, the names of potential children of your ancestor, and the names of any relatives that may have lived in the same area as your ancestor.

Any information, no matter how trivial it may seem, may be helpful in determining information about your ancestor.


You have worked very hard discovering the life of your ancestor.  Where are the files that you have saved?

It is important to back-up your files so that, on the day that your computer crashes, you will have these files to put on your new computer.

I use a cloud-based back-up company that backs up my files every time I make a change to the file.  I also have the same files on two external hard drives.  And, I have some of these files in Dropbox.

Make sure you do not lose all of your hard work when your computer crashes!


Recently, I was able to celebrate with others in my family the birthday of a cousin.  He turned 102 years of age!

It was wonderful visiting with my family!

Many stories were told, and we also were able to view old movies (made from very old movies on reels).  It was nice to see relatives in those old movies.  I was even in one movie – at a birthday party when I was in the third grade!

If you have not yet dug-out those old reels of movies, or even the movies that were put on VHS tapes, please, take the time to put the movies on CD’s or thumb drives.  And then, upload the movies to “the cloud” so that others in the family can enjoy them as well.


Have you hit a brick wall in your research?

I have hit many brick walls!  Something I have done many times is to re-visit the research that has already been done.

One way to re-visit is to tell someone about your research.  Tell your friend, another genealogist, or someone else – you will be amazed at what you have already done, and you will get ideas for other avenues to pursue.