Recently, my husband found a book about his hometown of Genoa, OH.  The name of the book is, Memories of genoa, ohio 1868-1968, and the book was printed in June 1968 by The Genoa Area Centennial-Homecoming, Inc. (book title exactly as printed)

As he was looking through the book, husband was surprised to find a photograph of his grandmother, Hazel Holland.  She was featured in a photograph that included her and her brother, Vance.  The caption on the photo is, “Hazel and Vance Holland in front of the Catholic Perish House – Winter 1904”.

Hazel Holland was born to Charles F. and Cora Adella Hassan Holland 5 November 1898 in Marshall Co., OH.  Her brother, Vance, was born 5 November 1899 and died at age 4 (in January 1904).  Husband’s father, Vance, is named after Vance Holland.

The photo that features Hazel and Vance is the same as is on a postcard – my husband was given the postcard photo a few years ago.  Written on the back of husband’s postcard photo is “Vance and Hazel Holland where Priest’s house was”.

One never knows where one will find something about one’s family!