Do not assume that you know the whereabouts of your ancestor “between” the census years.  It could be that they resided someplace “between” the two places they lived during the census years.

I lived in Boone Grove, Indiana, during the 2000 census year.  By 2010, I lived in Greencastle, Indiana.

Do not make the assumption that I moved directly from Boone Grove to Greencastle without a stop in-between.  I moved from Boone Grove to Wolcott (IN) in 2002, and from Wolcott to Greencastle in 2007.  There are records that mention me and my family in White County (Wolcott) – my husband was minister at a church there, I licensed a car there, I worked there for the USPS, I had a registered business there – these are just a few of the types of records that may show that I lived and worked in Wolcott or White County.

Just think of everything that would be missing from the history of an ancestor’s life if one did not include the history between the census years!