When researching, don’t forget about writing down the citation information!

I really do know how it is – you have found that all-important bit of information, and this happened when the library is closing in 10 minutes.  This happens to all of us!

You write down the information quickly, but you forget to write down the citation.  After you are at home and reviewing what was found, you discover that you have no idea as to what book/newspaper/catalog it was that had this piece of information.

If one makes it a practice of gathering that all important citation information BEFORE looking through the actual book, then the information will be there when one is ready to write the citation.  And, it is not necessary to actually “write” down the information – take a snapshot, with your phone, of the title page (and other pages).  A snapshot will take just a few seconds, and will save you much grief later on!




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