Have you found the school that your ancestor attended?  Have you checked on the availability of that school’s newspaper?

Here are some snapshots from the newspaper of Stanford High in Stanford, KY.  Both of my parents graduated from here.  The snapshots are portions of the paper that mention my father, a senior in 1940.










As noted in the paper, my father was “Better known by – Cobby”, and his “Favorite Pastime – Model T’ing around” (I have a photo of his car.).  He was “Likely to be found – Gazing at Mary Thomas” (don’t know who this was), and his “Greatest Asset – Sparking” (not sure what this means).  His “Ambition – To be brave and bold”, was shown when he enlisted in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  He was Exchange Editor, and his sister, Betty M. Bryan, was one of the Reporters.  In 1941, he wanted to be “sitting around in his Model T. Ford”.  One of his good friends, Alfred Pettus, was “Likely to be found – Bob’s” (my father told me many stories about being with Alfred).  And, under the Class Prophecy, my father was to be an agriculture teacher – he worked in agriculture, received an agriculture degree (after WWII) from the University of Kentucky, worked as a soil scientist, and then worked at the Dept. of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., until retirement.

See if you can find the school newspaper.  You may discover some things you didn’t know!