As noted in the first blog of this series, recently re-discovered are the metal boxes that line the walls of the back room of the Clerk’s office.

Remember, the location of each box, and its contents, is documented in a chart. The Putnam County Public Library Local History Dept. has a copy (, I have a copy (, and there are a few other copies “floating around”.  If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact either the library or me.

A box with the label, “Miss. State Reformatory Probate, Election 1910-1935” caught my eye recently.  I did not see any other boxes with a similar label, and this “label” is not noted on the chart.  There are many folders in this box.


In this box is a folder that is labeled Continuing Recognizance in the amount of $500, and was filed 12 February 1918.  Harry W. Moore was the Clerk.


I am including the Recognizance Bond here for your reading.


As you can tell, much information is given.  It may be that someone researching Leslie Ellis, or any of the others mentioned, does not know the information that is given.  So, investigating the papers in this box could be beneficial to the researcher.

Stay tuned for blog number 4 in this series!