Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and a menu is being decided.

This year, my husband and I are going to make Grandmother’s Rolls – “Grandmother” is my dad’s mother.

Grandmother made yeast rolls that would melt in your mouth.  Back before marrying, I asked my mother for the recipe.  She gladly gave it to me.  Then, the first time I made the rolls, I called Grandmother before I made them to clarify a few things.

The actual day of preparation, I called her again as I was making the rolls – it was wonderful to have her on the phone to ask questions as I had them.

So, on my recipe card, I have the recipe from Mom, the “clarifications” I received, and the “notes” from talking with Grandmother.

As an added bonus, after Grandmother died, my mom sent to me a typed-copy of the recipe found in Grandmother’s box – this one included a cinnamon roll recipe.

So, this Thanksgiving, my husband and I will mix-up the yeast rolls the day before.  Then, for the Cinnamon Rolls on Thanksgiving morning, we will make the “Herman” recipe (that my husband learned from his mother) for the cinnamon roll topping, AND also have the yeast rolls from Grandmother for dinner.

A Great Tradition Continues!