The back room at the PC Clerk’s office is filled with family history documents.  There are many books – wills, probates, guardianships, superior court, circuit court, marriages, and a variety of other books.

Recently re-discovered, are the “boxes” that line the walls from eye-level to the ceiling.  In these metal boxes are many types of documents.  Within the last 6 months, a volunteer has made new labels for each of the boxes.  The location of each box, and its contents, is documented in a chart (a partial chart is shown below).  A few copies of the chart have been made.  The Putnam County Public Library Local History Dept. has a copy (, I have a copy (, and there are a few other copies “floating around”.  If you have relatives that lived or died in Putnam Co., there may additional information concerning them in one of these metal boxes.


In a few blogs, I will be highlighting some of the information I have found in some of the boxes.  Of course, it is not possible for me to document all of the papers in all of the boxes!  However, I will highlight a few different types of documents so that you will realize the wealth of information available in the boxes.

Stay tuned for blog number 2 in this series!