If you find a marriage record for your ancestor, this record may provide quite a bit of information.


One of the Indiana marriage collections at FamilySearch.org is the register of county marriages.  The images in the collection are of the registration book found in the county.  The information for each marriage is contained over many pages.  The beginning of each record, the party’s names, is on a left-hand page, with the information carrying over to the right-hand page.  One must be careful when examining the remainder of the record.  The right-hand page is a partial-page – when turned, the party’s names (on the left-hand page) will continue to show.  This happens again when the right-hand page is turned again.

record-image(199) marr mary mcintire first page

record-image(200) marr mary mcintire ssecond pagerecord-image(201) mary mcintire marr third page


The way that the information is recorded is not evident when examining the first microfilmed image.  It is only when examining the remaining pages that it is known as to how the information is recorded – over multiple pages.


Be careful!