Since returning from my trip to New York, those who read my blog know that I have been updating my FTM files.

First, before tackling my Lyon Book, I updated my Bryan Book.  A relative had asked for another copy of the book – I was not going to send a copy of outdated information!  So, I updated the book and printed out a new copy.  I was really surprised at the size of the book – it had grown quite a bit since it was originally written.  Of course, after I updated the tree, I saved the new tree on

Pedigree Chart for William Bell Bryan


Then, the job of updating the Lyon Book begun.  I have been adding information bit-by-bit into my FTM family file.  As this version of FTM is “newer” than my original version, I have also been able to “attach” documents to each bit of information that I have added.  Yes, it is taking time to do this.  But, I will rejoice when I am finished with this part of updating – I will have a new Lyon Book!!