After researching in several towns in New York, cousin and I visited several “live” cousins.  Some of these cousins I had not seen for many years, and several I had never met.  I feel very blessed to have seen and met all of them.  I have renewed friendships and made new friends!

Upon returning home from the New York trip, I began the sorting and classifying of records that were found on the trip.  The preliminary part of this job is done.  Everything is now located on my computer, and is in several other locations as well.  Now I will begin updating my database on this family.

I am also now beginning the “understanding” phase – what did cousin and I learn?  What new questions do I have?  As you can probably understand, this is another fun part of the “trip” experience!

As I continue to understand more of what we learned, I will develop even more questions.  And, as I do develop these questions, I will continue to be in conversation with the various people who cousin and I met on our trip.  There are so many that helped us – those at libraries, historical societies, courthouses, hotels – so many to thank for everything that was done for us.  Each of the people told us to continue to contact them with our “new” questions, and I will do so!

I am hopeful that each of you will be able to have an experience like cousin and I had.  We had a fun time learning more about our ancestors and sharing this information with you!



Forefront:  Daniel G. and Phenie Burroughs – “adoptive” parents of Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole Burroughs Jones.  Next row back:  Polly (wife of Esquire/Squire Jones), Mercy (wife of Christopher Jones), Christopher Jones.