My last post about the New York trip was on 21 April.  We had visited the Wyoming County Historian’s office.

The next day, we did visit the Genesee Co. History Dept. in Batavia, NY, on-the-way to visit some “live” cousins!  We wanted to visit here because of the county-formations in New York – Wyoming County had been formed from Genesee County.


front of buildingsign


As per our experience thus far, the staff at the history department was most helpful!  While there, we examined many “family” files, and also other documents.

We inquired as to where we would find land records.  We were told to visit the clerk’s office at the courthouse.  So, there we went!

And, we discovered something new!  We found the deed between Squire Jones “of the town of Gainesville, County of Genesee” and Polly, his wife, and Daniel G. Burroughs “of the town of Castile, County of Genesee”.  So, now we knew where Squire and Polly Jones had resided, and we knew that the Jones’ and Burroughs’ families had known each other in 1828 – the year of the deed.  If you recall, Daniel G. Burroughs had “adopted” Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole sometime after 1826.  And, Sylvester Jones, grandson of Squire and Polly, had married Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole in Castile in 1845.  Could it be that it was that early that Sylvester and Mary Ann had known each other?

We also found Christopher Jones in deeds.

After lunch, we went back to the history department to inquire about adoption records.  And, we discovered that those official records are housed there at the department.  So, we examined these very old records.  We did not find an official adoption record for Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole (adoption by Daniel G. Burroughs).

Since it was time to travel to see some “live” relatives, we left the history department.

Thank you for following our New York trip!