Today was another day of exciting discoveries!

We drove to the Village of Castile (from Wellsville) this morning.  It was a nice, pretty, drive beside the Genesee River.

First stop in Castile was Grace Cemetery – burial-place of the Burroughs and Jones families.  We walked the rather large cemetery and, having found the gravestones of our family, stopped and took many photos.  The Jones family graves are directly behind the Burroughs family graves.
















Having finished there, we drove a few blocks to the Castile Historical Museum.  As you know, I had already been communicating with Linda Little, the Curator/Historian.  So, she and the others working there today were expecting us.


We looked through many records.  We did not find much “new” information – we confirmed some information though.

What they DID have that was wonderful was maps!  I had already done some deed research (thanks to for those of  Christopher Jones, Daniel Burroughs, William D. Babcock (raised Orlow and his brother George W.), and Daniel Babcock – the probable father of Orlow and George W.  So, we were able to determine the locations of their house/land/farm.  Of course, we made copies of the maps!

Another interesting thing we found was in a file of “Castile School Records 1844 – “.  A paper in this file told us that on 27 January 1824, Daniel G. Burroughs (raised Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole) had a home in the Town of Castile/Town of Gainesville, and that the school was held in his home.  And, on 7 May 1824, his log home was 20 x 24 and was appraised for $100 (later was changed to a framed house).

Since his home was in the Town of Castile yet very close to the Town of Gainesville, we drove to the Village of Gainesville and visited the public library there.  The library did have many Town of Gainesville and Village of Gainesville records.  I did make a few copies, but do not know as yet if they will be helpful. While we were at the library, the Gainesville Historian came in – she helped us so much to understand “why” it was that Daniel’s home was on the Town of Castile map, yet the school was listed as being in the Town of Gainesville.

One word on “the Town of” and “the Village of” – there are counties here (Wyoming is where we have been today).  Within the county is several towns, and within the town is the village (same name as the town).  This has been a little confusing for us mid-west folks!

Tonight the plan is to digest what was discovered today.  And, tomorrow we plan to go to Warsaw to the historical society – they are expecting us!