This Monday has been an exciting day of discoveries!

First, we began our day by meeting Mary at the Thelma Rogers Genealogical and Historical Society of Wellsville, NY.


Visit the Wellsville NY Historical Society Museum Facebook page to learn more about the museum.
One of many things learned today was the original location of the Weed Cemetery.

This cemetery is up on the hill on the property of Asahel Cole – brother of Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole Burroughs Jones, the mother of Phenie who is the wife of Orlow Babcock.
Yesterday, I posted the gravestone of Asahel Cole. The graves of him and his family were moved from the Weed Cemetery sometime after 1920. Others were buried at Weed, but no stones remained. It is very likely that this is where William D. Babcock and his wife Sarah were buried, as they lived with Orlow when he was in Wellsville. And, Orlow lived just “down the short hill” from the cemetery – this was most likely either on Asahel’s property or next to it.

And, this is a photo of the view of Wellsville (down the hill) that Orlow Babcock would have had from his house.  Beautiful, isn’t it!


So, an exciting day!

On to Castile tomorrow!