As a previous blog has stated, I am going on a “genealogy and otherwise” trip!

Both I and cousin are busy with the preparations for the conference and trip.

So far, I have researched the ancestors whose towns we will be visiting in NY. We have quite a few that settled there quite early. So, I have begun preparations for that part of our trip. And, I have contacted various museums and historical societies in the geographical area of these towns.

I have been in conversation with the Castile Historical Society. They have done some preliminary research, and they mailed to me copies of some things they found in their files. They have also told me what other items they have that may be beneficial to us while researching our Babcock and Burroughs families.

Erin Robinson, the director for the Cordelia A. Greene Library in Castile, replied to my email with suggestions for people to contact before we visit the area. The library does not house any information about families that have lived there. However, they are glad to get any books for us that we may find helpful when we visit. As stated earlier, suggestions were given for who to contact. I have contacted everyone.

I have been in contact with Cindy Amrhein, the Wyoming County Historian. Cindy has been most helpful!

The Cattaraugus County Historical Museum replied to my “contact form” which I submitted online. Sharon Fellows described what records they have that may aid us in our research. She also recommended contacting the past Cattaraugus County Historian. I still need to do this.

I contacted the Allegany Co. Historical Society via their webpage. I received a reply from the executive director of the society. He suggested contacting Mary Rhodes, the director of the Thelma Rogers Genealogical and Historical Society of Wellsville. I have been in conversation with Mary, both via email and on the society’s Facebook page. She directed me to the newspapers which are online through their David A. Howe Library’s webpage. She has been very helpful!!

So, this part of our planning has been very beneficial!

Cousin is doing the same kind of planning for another part of our trip – visiting the graves of some of our ancestors that lived in Vermont. She and I are planning a time of preparation next week. Of course, not all of the planning will be finished next week! However, much progress will be made I am sure.

I have not yet begun the planning for the Indiana Genealogical Society’s Seminar and Conference ( – the beginning of our trip. Need to do the planning for that as well.