I am going on a “genealogy and otherwise” trip!

To make a long story short, a cousin and I “found” each other in 2009. Each of us had always known that the other existed, but never contacted the other. Since connecting, we have been able to visit over lunch several times (turns out that we live about 2 ½ hours from each other so we meet about half-way). She is the “genealogy” person in her immediate family, and I am that same person in my immediate family – what a good time we have!

Anyway, we are going to go on a trip together in April. Her “side” of the family still lives in upstate NY, while mine resides in Kentucky. (Her grandfather was the brother of my grandmother) I last visited in upstate NY in 1967. Since we are already going to be up that way (from Indiana), we are also going to visit the town (in NY state) from which some of our ancestors came. Neither of us has ever visited their town, so this will be exciting for both of us. We will visit cemeteries, and will also hopefully be able to determine where it was in the town that they lived. And, since we will be in NY, we will take the opportunity to visit southern Vermont and Connecticut (some of our further-back ancestors were from there).

And, this trip will all begin with a trip to the Indiana Genealogy Society’s Annual Meeting and Conference (indgensoc.org). Cousin has never been to a conference, and Ft. Wayne is on-the-way, so we will begin our trip there.

Now comes the time of preparing for the trip, and the conference. Since we will be at the Allen County Library, preparations will need to be made for researching there. And, since we will be visiting family and “new” places in NY, Vermont, and Connecticut, preparations will need to be made for the trip.

Let the fun begin!