I had been trying hard to sort out various people in a family – they were bound to be related to each other, but how?

In man1’s probate record, the administrator was another man with a different last name. The wife of man1 was mentioned, and also some older children of man1.
In man2’s probate record, the same administrator, as man1’s record, was the administrator. Was this a coincidence?

As I discovered, there were others with the same last name as man1 and man2, and they were using the same administrator.

Who was this person? A relative?

The research I have done thus far has shown who the administrator was – probably a neighbor. I researched some of the other types of court records and discovered that man1 and man2, and others with this last name, were mentioned in road caretaker records – they all lived down the same road and were responsible for maintaining the road. So far, this is the only type of record I have found that mentions the two last names in the same record.