If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably read a “Comment” to my blog posted in January of 2015. This comment was posted by a new relative of my husband’s.

As previously posted, Roderick responded to my blog in January 2015. He explained of how he and my husband are related. His father, Paul, was the son of Ferdinand and Wilhelmine. Wilhelmine was the daughter of Christian and Maria Semlow Bringe. Christian is my husband’s great-grandfather, and Maria was Christian’s first wife. The two known half-brothers of Albert (my husband’s grandfather) were the brothers of Wilhelmine.

Roderick and I have continued to email each other. He has sent to me several photos of his father, Paul, and also of Paul’s parents. Paul’s mother, Wilhelmine, would have been the half-sister of Albert Bringe (my husband’s grandfather). I have similarly sent him photos of those thought to be of interest to him. Also, he has sent some photos that his father received from the United States in about 1945. One of the photos is that of my husband’s grandmother – Albert’s wife. The other photo is one which my husband is not sure – maybe a daughter of Albert’s wife (her first husband died and then she married Albert).

Another gem that Roderick has sent is a “family tree” of sorts, showing information he knows about Christian Frederick, CF’s first wife (Roderick’s grandmother), and each of their parents.

In our chatting, my husband and I have been wondering how his mother would have found the information that we now know about her father’s family. We both think that she would be so happy to know the information. Years ago, when I discovered on which ship her father had taken to the United States (Albert was a baby), I gave her a photo of the ship. She began to cry. We are certain, then, that she would be doing the same when being told what we have found.

As Roderick and I discover more, I will let you know!