Have you ever considered the weather and what plans our ancestors may have had to change because of it?

Here in central Indiana, we experienced a very warm, comparatively, December. The high temperatures were in the 50s and 60s during the day, and many nights the temperature did not drop below the freezing mark. Very unusual weather for us! And yet, when listening to the “record” highs and lows for the date, this was not the first time that this area had experienced this “warmer than normal” weather.

And, just a few years ago, this area had “colder than normal” weather. There was record snowfall and record low temps – we will not soon forget the need to thaw our water pipes!

So, this year has been quite warm and a few years ago it was quite cold. Did these extremes in temperature cause people to change their plans? This year, maybe the “snow birds” did not travel south as early as they normally do. And, a few years ago, maybe they went south earlier and returned to their northern home later – maybe they decided to marry in the south instead of the north! Maybe children were born in unexpected places because of the weather!