I was researching someone who purchased land in Indiana. I had determined the section, township, and range of the land he had purchased. However, I didn’t really understand all that I was seeing – he did not purchase the land from anyone (no grantor), yet he purchased the land several years after others purchased their land from the United States government.

What I was finding was that the land had originally been “set aside” for a school – this land had not been sold to anyone initially, but had been “given” to the county government for a school. A school was never built on the land, so the land was available for purchase.

And, how did I determine this? I asked the county recorder! She knew exactly about what I was asking when I told her the section and township – most of these same section-numbers, in various townships, were set aside for a school.

If you aren’t sure about how the land was originally meant to be developed, ask the recorder!