If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably read a “Comment” to my blog posted in January of this year. This comment was posted by a new relative of my husband’s!

Roderick responded to my blog in January. He explained of how he and my husband are related. His father, Paul, was the son of Ferdinand and Wilhelmine. Wilhelmine was the daughter of Christian and Maria Semlow Bringe. Christian is my husband’s great-grandfather, and Maria was Christian’s first wife. The two known half-brothers of Albert (my husband’s grandfather) were the brothers of Wilhelmine.

Roderick has really made sense of so many of the items that we have from the Bringe family. There are letters and cards from the Paul [last name withheld] family. There are the death certificates of the two sons of Christian and Maria who came to the USA before the rest of the Bringe family arrived – each of these death certificates lists Maria Semlow as his mother.

I realize that Roderick found the information in my blog, but he could have just as easily found my information in a Facebook post of a RootsWeb post. One never knows who may be reading your blog or a post. A research idea is to start a blog with family information on it, or post to Facebook or RootsWeb. You never know who you may meet!