As you have been researching your family, have you discovered any Thanksgiving traditions?

We have always been fortunate to have our son with us for Thanksgiving. Even as he has gotten older, he has always wanted to be “at home” with us on Thanksgiving Day. We have not always spent the “Day” in OUR house, though. But, we have all been together with other family, or with friends, for this special time.

If we are celebrating at OUR house, whether we are a small or large gathering, one tradition is to watch on TV the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We may have other activities going on that day, but they are arranged around the parade!

This year, we are planning to host dinner at our house. And, we will watch the parade as usual! Something new this year will be the roasting of a “fresh” turkey. Before this year, if we have been providing the turkey, we have always purchased a “frozen” turkey from the grocery store. We have the opportunity this year to roast a “fresh” turkey, purchased from a local meat market. So, a new experience will be happening as we prepare for the Day!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!