As shown previously, Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe and his wife, Marie Hahn Bringe, arrived in the U. S. with his children Joh., Friedr. Ernst, Carl, Anna, Martin, and Albert, on the ship Moravia, on 14 November 1884 from Germany.

As has been shown in previous posts, Friedrick and Marie (Hahn) had the following children: Frederich C. (born 1873), Anna Maria (born 6 September 1878), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (born 20 October 1880), Ernest H. (born 22 December 1875), Carl Friederich (born 6 September 1878), and Albert Henry (born 2 June 1883).

As blogged in Bringe – 23, found are some diaries that belonged to Albert Henry Bringe. As discovered in the diaries, he worked in various states, and in Canada, in the early 1900’s, as a person who dug oil wells. The diaries are shedding some light as to his travels and the process of digging an oil well!

In Bringe-27, I listed the questions that have developed about the 1904 diary. Here is what I have discovered: (the number is the question number in Bringe-27)

1. There was the Caleb Klink family residing in Woodville, Sandusky Co., OH, in the 1880 U. S. Census. In the household were Caleb (age 69), wife Maria (age 67), son Adam (age 29 – discovered he died in 1898), daughter-in-law Sarah (age 20), granddaughter Elisabeth (age 3), and servant Eli Keres. Could not find any family continuing to reside in same place in the 1900 U. S. Census.
The farm next to the Caleb Klink farm is the Georg [sic] Ungerer farm. Georg is 57 years of age. Also in the household are wife Barbara (age 62), sons Aaron (age 21) and Emanuel (age 19) and Phillip (age 17), and daughter Sarah (age 16) and Maria (age 14). Discovered is that Aaron married Dora Euich in 1884, and she was residing in the same place in the 1900 U. S. Census – she and Aaron were divorced.
I did find a Louie Bearnes residing in Ottawa Co. in 1900 (he owned his farm). He continued to reside there in 1910.
2. Jurgens – this could be the family of Sophia Jergens Bringe, the wife of Fred Bringe – Albert’s brother. There were also others with the Jurgens surname in the census.
3. In The Lima News of 30 October 1902, an article stated, “F. C. Bringe & Co completed No. 4, on the Fred Blousey, section 10, Allen township, Ottawa county, with a 5 barrel well the result.” In the same newspaper, 7 March 1903, an article stated, “In Woodville township, Walsh, Bringe & Co, have completed a well on the G. Hedgerton farm, section 21, which will fall into the duster class. This well was on the outer edge of developments, and its failure to produce oil will check proposed operation. The well was drilled to a total depth of 1,306 feet. The sand was encountered at 1256 feet, and it was drilled in 50 feet.” (I want to personally thank those that aided in finding these articles – you know who you are.)
As shown in Bringe-25, Ernest, the brother of Albert, worked in the oil fields of Colorado. Also, Carl Frederich Bringe, another brother of Albert, is shown working as a tool dresser in the 1900 U. S. Census for Paso Precinct, Kern Co., California. He is in the household of George Flasher, an oil well superintendent. Carl died in 1905.
4. Unable to find additional information
5. Unable to find additional information
6. Frederich C. Bringe married Sophia Caroline Maria Jergens – in the 1900 U. S. Census for Allen Township, Ottawa Co., OH, his occupation is listed as saloon keeper – in the 1910 U. S. Census for Wood Co., OH, his occupation is Stockman.
7. Martin Bringe was born in 1880 and died in 1918, having never married. He is residing with his parents in Sandusky Co., OH, in 1910. Unable to find additional information on Sam Danklefson.
8. Unable to find additional information
9. Hattie Dornbusch was residing in Port Clinton, Ottawa Co., OH, in the 1900 U. S. Census. She was born in November 1879 and was a servant in a hotel.

More about the diaries in Bringe-29.