I was having much success finding my ancestor’s family in each successive census. And, their children were listed as aging 10 (give or take 2) years each census. Then, I hit a road block. I could not seem to find the next census listing for the ancestor.

So, what I lots of times end up doing, I searched for the children instead of the parents. And, I found one of the children living with another family. This census did not tell relationships, so I didn’t know why the child was now living with another family. One thing I did notice, though, was a spelling of the child’s last name – not one I was accustomed to seeing. So, I did another search for the ancestor by that spelling, and I found the family. And, the child was again shown as being with her parents.

So, why was the child shown with two different families? By noticing the dates at the top of the census forms, I discovered that the child was one time listed with her family, and a week later she was visiting across town!