I use FindAGrave.com quite a bit. I really appreciate everyone who has photographed graves and posted them to the site.

When you are lucky enough to find your ancestor’s grave posted on the site, be careful. Sometimes, tidbits of information are also posted. It is helpful when someone has posted more clues to your ancestor’s family. You know what I am talking about – the “trees” that are posted, the obituaries that are copied, the links to other graves found on FindAGrave.

Remember, the only record about which you are certain is the photograph of the gravestone. The other information is just what I called it in the previous paragraph – a clue to more about your ancestor’s family. The information may be true, and it may be conjecture. You really have no way of knowing without confirming the information.

Also, do you realize that the photograph is the property of the person who took the photograph? It is not legal to copy the photo without permission from the owner. So if you want to keep a copy of the photo, make sure to contact the owner and ask permission. I have always been pleased that I have been given permission to copy and use. Make sure you keep the “permission” with the photograph.