Have you ever reached a dead-end or brick wall on an ancestor?

I had been looking for information on a particular man who died about 1916. His first wife (in whom I was interested also) had died in the 1880’s. I was particularly interested in the man’s family line, so I requested his death certificate. He was listed in the “deaths” book, but no death certificate was to be found – the book had disintegrated many years ago.

I had looked at the man’s Civil War Pension File. No new information was found, but confirming information was there. This was good. The man’s son, who was the direct line in which I was interested, was mentioned. However, no new info was found.

How was I to find out more about the man and this son?

I decided to look at the probate record for the man’s second wife – the son’s step-mother. I don’t really know why I decided to do this, but was glad I did! I had thought that there would be no mention of the son or his sibling. I thought that his step-siblings may be mentioned.

I discovered that the son was the administrator of his stepmother’s estate! In the records, all of the children were mentioned – even the son’s sibling. There was much more information contained in the record as well.

So, just because the direct line ancestor is not really related to the “new” wife, don’t forget to look in the record.