While I have been updating my FTM files, I have been going through items that I have saved on my computer – to be added to FTM at a later date.

One of the items is a photograph (below) sent to my husband’s grandfather Bringe. (I mentioned this in a previous post quite a while back.) It is addressed to him as living in Sarnia, Ont. I have determined that this means Sarnia, Ontario, CANADA. However, it would have been nice if the caption on the photo had been described with names of the couple instead of what was used. As you can see, the caption is:
Married the 21 of Dec. 1910 – Mommie and Lizzie

I wonder who Mommie and Lizzie are. They are probably the people who sent the card to Albert. However, Albert did not have a sister named Lizzie/Elizabeth/etc. And, who is in the photo? Is it one of Albert’s brothers or sisters? Through much research I still have yet to determine who the couple is. Maybe I will learn more as I clean my computer!


front of postcard Bringe 11 back of postcard bringe 11