As you know, I have now updated my FTM to FTM2014. Thank you again to Russ for guiding me through this process. I had purchased RootsMagic, but I didn’t particularly care for it. And, I had “looked” at the “new” FTM about 10 years ago, and did not like it – it was so different from the FTM Version 8 that I had. But, I do already like the FTM2014 – and it will sync to my tree on Ancestry (which I will do if I choose to do so).

Now comes the fun part! I now get to go through my family files on my computer (which I keep in Dropbox). When I search (mainly on the weekends) for tidbits about my ancestors, I put the info (along with the citation info) in the appropriate family file. And, these files are “bursting at the seams”! I have been waiting for so long to put the information in my trees, because I wanted to determine which program I wanted to use. Now that I know I want to use FTM2014, I can begin the process of updating my FTM family files.

I will post here my progress with this process. I imagine it will be slow, but fun. I have not only tidbits of information, but many documents and photos I want to put in FTM2014.

I welcome comments/suggestions for this! Please share what you have found on your family – I am sure that you have found items that no one knew existed!