Good Morning!

Well, after much thought, I did upgrade my FTM from Version 8 to 2014.  Thank you to Russ Worthington for assisting me with the procedure.

If you decide to do so, please be aware that if you are using Firefox, the download does take some time.  For me, the first download did not work – the download ended with an error.  After unsuccessfully downloading again, I had to call the distributor (not FTM) in order to obtain “more tries” at downloading.  When I told the helpful person that I was using Firefox, she said that she would make it so that the download would go smoothly, and I shouldn’t have another problem.  She was correct!

Before upgrading to 2014, I had backed-up all of my family files.  After installing 2014, I was able to open each of my files without any problem.

Before this, I had purchased RootsMagic 6.  I had had multiple problems importing my family files there.  And, I was so used to FTM, that the differences between FTM and RM really stood out.

I am happy with FTM 2014!  Thank you again Russ!


PS  I have been reading on Facebook about backing-up FTM to Dropbox and/or an external hard drive.  Any hints for how to do this would be wonderful!